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Turtle's Soup - Drink Water Vinyl Sticker

Do you often forget to hydrate? Is your body begging you to water it? Did your doctor have fear in their eyes after you told them how little liquid you drink in a day? Well, this sticker is the perfect way to remind and motivate yourself to drink the sweet nectar of life that is H2O! After looking at this design, who could resist taking a sip from a bottle or glass? I know I couldn’t! I drank three glasses just writing this description! • Case pack includes twelve (12) vinyl stickers. • Sticker size is 3 x 2 in. • Each sticker is printed on thick, durable vinyl with a UV laminate that protects the sticker from scratching, moisture, and sunlight. • Stickers ship without retail packaging, unless otherwise requested. Please note that in larger orders, stickers requiring retail packaging may take longer to ship. • Copyright © Turtle's Soup 2021.