635 Lincoln Avenue Suite M.

Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

The Whittens & Solar Flare Studios

Kirk and Caitlin Whitten are the dynamic duo behind Solar Flare Glasswork & Design, a distinguished fine art gallery and glassblowing studio based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. With glassblowing roots tracing back to 2009, the Whittens have spent over a decade working the ancient craft of glassblowing, and their works are a testament to their technical skill and boundless creativity. Whether they're shaping a delicate pumpkin or crafting a set of drinking glasses, Kirk and Caitlin bring their unique artistic visions to life in molten form, always aiming to push the boundaries of what glass art can be.

Located in a premier ski town, Solar Flare Glasswork & Design isn't just a gallery—it's a destination for artistic inspiration. Their downtown studio offers hands-on experiences in glassblowing and fusing, drawing a diverse clientele ranging from art aficionados to those looking to try something new. Embodying their motto, "the Hottest Shop in The Boat," Kirk and Caitlin have successfully turned their passion for glass art into a vibrant community space, where they're not just creating art, but also forging memories and inspiring the next generation of glass artists.

Today, Kirk's hard-earned skills from growing up on a ranch and working as a tradesman have enabled him to focus his time perfecting his craft, offering classes, and creating stunning sculptures.















“Glass Blowing is all about finding the Flow.”

Always inspired. Kirk reproduces his son's drawing in glass.

Caitlin's artwork brings a unique perspective, featuring realistic creatures created through the combination of glass and cast metal. Many of her sculptures utilize the golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers, emphasizing her attention to detail. Enjoy the beauty of a world seen through a new lens.


“I believe that art is a living conduit it transcends throughout all mediums. Technique is a tool that helps us execute our craft. Practice is the key to unlocking our true potential.”

Kirk and Caitlin work together to create beautiful artwork.